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Follow Jesus

A decision to follow Christ and be in a relationship with Him is the best and most important decision. It is our prayer that you continue to grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Follow The link(s) below for more information about becoming a Christian, and growing in your journey.

Follow Jesus.

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Water Baptism

This is another important step you are taking in your Spiritual Life. There is no one greater than Jesus Christ Himself who will be pleased by this decision you are making to publicly declare your faith in the Lordship of Christ.


It’s the right decision you are making. No turning back. The cross before you and let the world be behind you.


To help you with the decision you have made to be Water Baptised, we as a church here at HPC would like to help you in making sure you know all about Water Baptism. We have carefully prepared this guide which will help you understand the need for Water Baptism in each one your life.

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Ministry / Membership

“Highway Foundations”.

This class is for those who have not taken out membership in the last two years, or who have an interest in serving in ministry at Highway.

This one-hour time of teaching will provide a foundation as to who we are as a church, what we believe, what is expected of me as a member / minister. It provides our governing structure as a PAOC congregation.

Join me on Sunday March 1st following the Fellowship lunch.

Sign up in the church lobby.

– Pastor Tom


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Foundations Booklet