Services were conducted in the early years in Portage la Prairie. Charlie
Neve held Pentecostal services in Portage in 1918 This was followed by
meetings held by Rev. D.H. Wellard and also by Rev. J .R. Spence before his
first trip to China. as a missionary. It was not until Brother and Sister
W.J. Gamble were pastoring the Portage Church that the group was concentrated in a building, having before moved about from one hall to another.

Pastor Gamble purchased an old horse barn in good condition and so constructed as to lend itself to a house of worship. Interior walls were stripped off and much cleaning was done, but while the building was very presentable, there were times that the old odors were discernible to the
nose. Rev. Hinkle and other pastors like L.W. Dickinson followed in the
filling the pulpit. Then in the 1970's Rev. Postal led in the building of a spacious and lovely church  on Saskatchewan Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare of the city. This facility is our current location today.