About Us


Highway Is A Place to Belong… Jesus welcomed people to Him, He never turned them away. Jesus met people’s needs for food, drink, healing, friendship and more.

We as a church are called to do the same. We must love people and care for them if they are believers or not, for that is the example of Christ.

Highway Is A Place to Believe… Jesus not only welcomed people, but His compassion and love for people drew them to Himself.

As we love others they will be drawn to Christ. Others will become believers because of our loving example.

Highway Is A Place To Become… The exciting fact is Jesus didn’t leave the disciples at salvation, He equipped them for ministry.


(Acts 1:8) The Apostles and the early church used their God Given gifts and talents to further the Gospel.

We are not only called to reach others for Christ, but then help them fulfill the call of ministry in their daily lives.


Tom Boxall

Lead Pastor


Highway Pentecostal Church